• "If you're not naked, go back to sleep." Rumi

    I help spiritual people who are lost, anxious, and depressed "heal themselves" and

    wake up to joy, ease, and light on a daily basis.

  • Can't breathe inside of a head swarming with guilt, anxiety, shame, and depression?

    I've been there. You don't have to suffer alone like I did.
    I recently spoke with Deb who had a similar feeling. At the threshold of the path of healing was her loneliness. Deb said, “How nice it must be to notice a door open, walk in somewhere, and feel that I belonged.”
    Let me come down into your deep, dark hole with you.
    The wounds run deep.
    We'll take off your protective armor, let the wounds heal, and climb out ... together.
    The whispers of your heart can only be caged and hushed for so long.

  • About

    "I've done everything my parents, my therapists, and society told me to do.

    I still can't shake the way I feel."

    Have you ever said the above? If yes, you're in the right place.

    If it were only about knowledge and money, Americans would be among the healthiest and happiest people in the world. We'd all be billionaires with 6-pack abs.


    Unfortunately, the suffering continues.


    Depression rates continue to sky-rocket and even children are choosing to end their suffering with suicide.


    Something must be missing.


    Dr. Christopher Stepien found it ... in the darkness.

    Who is Dr. Christopher Stepien?

    Dr. Christopher Stepien's day-job is fixing people's annoying, frustrating pains that won't go away, even when it's been more than 2 months and they've seen 3-5 other doctors. Interestingly, he started doing physical healing work so he could heal himself emotionally and spiritually.


    How do you learn how to get out of bed when you're almost literally, paralyzed to move in your feelings of shittiness?


    What does it even feel like to be alive when all you've ever known was pain?


    Is it even possible to see your dreams come true when you can't even get yourself to brush your teeth?


    Walking down the dark path of our shadows, Dr. Chris discovered that conventional society offered only palliative means for helping the pain.

    • Have a goal to achieve? Just do it.
    • Dealing with negative emotions? Have a glass of wine.
    • Can't get out of bed in the morning with depression? Snap out of it.

    There was no answer for the deep healing of suffering.


    There's another path.


    But you have to want healing.


    You have to be willing to surrender and let go.


    You must choose to wake up.


    When you decide, imagine waking up knowing exactly what you need to do and where your path leads. Then, picture yourself doing those things with ease and grace and without the world weighing down on your shoulders. Finally, go to bed content and in peace, with ownership that you're creating a life that is authentically written by you.

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    I'll do anything, ANYTHING, in my power to help you.


    But you have to want to help.


    Step #1: Reach out.

    Step #2: Get ready to

    acknowledge your wounds

    and let the light in.

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    Estimated Reading Time: 28 min Almost all of the people who I’ve formally interviewed in the past two years (36 people and counting) about their struggles in finding joy and happiness and who I've worked with doing emotional/spiritual work (dozens of seekers) have a story. Deep within that...
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